This site is about…


Thoughts, tangents, on this and that

Some singular musings and mental meanderings too

Philosophy, nature, delineation of energies and

study of the mind/body/emotions/spirit

Remembering to LIVE life (since one is still IN it)

Blue lanterns

Curious (and curiosities) of the old and new

A bit of personally distilled truth(s) to share

(To be honest, not always pretty memories)

Things that might happen, have happened, any when and anywhere.

Pan for your own soul’s gold (harmless to mama nature),

those glorious gems and objects

YOUR treasure trove.

No one can steal it. But only YOU can heal it.


Honey locust tree

But I want to be clear: I’m advocating self-empowerment, self-enlightenment; not ego feeding (as though it were some large, carnivorous flower in a little shop).

(Also, there’s “a little more info”; go back up and look on the left.)

If you want, have a peek at this FYI.

[Sharing this, and any of these future posts are fine; please give credit where it is due. Thank you. ^_^]


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