Consulting the oracle


8ballLife is about changes.

Without changes, there would be stagnation. Stagnation leads to eventual death.

Change = transformation.

I’ve not had the clear understanding of what intuition was while growing up. I was told to trust it, as it would keep me safe. Yet asking about specifics on that topic from those same people who spoke of it did not yield any clarity.

But with learning all sorts of new metaphysical and esoteric knowledge, I’ve slowly  learned to see messages from the universe for me clearer. This was most especially and effectively so within the past (nearly) 7 years.

I still do have to check in with my being to make sure that the messages aren’t junk mail aka wishful thinking or paranoia or things I’ve been taught/heard/read/seen somewhere that simply were not mine.

My fork tines in the road taken: numerology, astrology and human design.

My clean-up method: tapping/EFT (there are many versions of this).