Virgo, devil’s advocate and questions


I was having a Vulcan-like need for logic moment; a devil’s advocate line of questioning.

For the handful of years of me using my human design’s inner authority, I’ve found myself today internally asking what the exact definition of an inner authority is, as I had only the bare basics of human design down (I’ve heard that it takes about 7 years to get familiar with it). 

Is one’s inner authority part of the spirit? Is it the synergy of my multi-dimensional aspects meeting up to make decision? Should I even continue to use it?

Why did I want to know after all these years of using my inner authority? Is it the Virgo moon transit gliding through my house of self that wants analysis and clarity? Or maybe it’s transiting pluto in retrograde conjunct my natal Capricorn mercury with a practical streak that wants to know?

For those of you not familiar with the astrological verbiage:

Virgo is the sign of analysis/understanding and the moon deals with emotions and the psyche. Layman’s terms: transitory emotional effect of wanting to critique/analyze a topic.

Pluto retrograde is inner cleanup and Capricorn is a pragmatic sign, mercury is how a person thinks/communicates. Thus: transitional effect of practical, internal cleaning up of how one thinks/communicates.

In retrospect:

The 5+ years that I have used my inner authority as the decision maker for the fork tines in the road in my life, the results were grounded and enjoyable. It kept me safe from harm, in a sense.  Even when I questioned as to why I should or should not take a certain path in decision-making at that time, I did follow my inner authority.  Revelations from the universe appeared later on, supporting my various decisions made.

Prior to human design, I had a vague sense and use of intuitive knowledge. When logic was my rule of thumb to use (especially about emotional-based issues), things did not turn out well and there was dissatisfaction and suffering on my part.  Logic has its place, as does intuition (and all the other energetic multi-senses).

However…For the sake of me wanting clarity, there will be much reading and researching, both on paper and on-screen, as to what the human design inner authority is.

…And I will share what I’ve learned.



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