Break the mold


There are little children that are raised

In certain “loving” ways

That have them wear masks

Going through life, and all sorts of daily tasks


One for school, one for play

Another mask with friends

One more mask for spending more time

With extended family all day


The parental “should’s” and “I expect you to’s”

And probably even the “what good are you’s”

Constantly, consistently

spoken in demeaning tones

Replayed mentally by children

Made into automatons

…as they went about “life”.


One could blame the parents

But that’s not entirely valid

The parents also likely learned to be like this

From their younger days

But that shouldn’t be the reason excuse.

One may think I’m being harsh

But seriously, unhealthy bonds need to be broken

Don’t adults remember how it felt

when it was previously done to them?