Clearing the throat and lungs.


Once more in this summer weather, I find myself congested ever so slightly and intermittently on the cooler/damper mornings on waking up. The mild congestion starts in the throat area and as it worsens, goes down into the lungs (but that is usually a cold season problem).

Traditional Chinese meds would have you take note of what was symptoms were occurring and the first method of treatment would be with food.

Below are the procedures I went through for self-healing and still use when needed (except for the colloidal silver).


If there is heat in the lungs and nasal discharge is involved:

  1. yellow; warning
  2. green; high alert

My go-to is hot, fresh tea/tisane or miso broth, even some type of broth with miso mixed in, and coconut based food – as well as consume as much (and a variety) of live culture foods.

NO cold or chilled foods. I avoid dairy at this point because it makes me produce more phlegm.

I personally tend to stick with kombucha unless my body says it wants other live culture foods.


Heat, aka an infection starting, also (for me) is felt usually in the pharynx area as rough grit sandpaper scratching or maybe a sensation of a very precise swipe with something blunt yet pointed, in the throat. This usually happens in the colder season.

A hot cup of strong peppermint tisane and a coconut macaroon(s) the size of one’s fist are what I consume until I get some live culture foods into my system. The brands of organic tisanes that I like for robust, clean, peppermint-y strength are:

  1. Yogi
  2. Traditional Medicinals
  3. Choice
  4. sometimes this too from Stash


Heat in the body shows up usually as irritations (internal or external) – such as rashes.  A bad case of acute dermatitis at the front of my neck years ago had me spraying on colloidal silver on my skin often. The silver gel by the same company irritated my skin (I’m guessing it may have had to do with the carrier for the gel).  The redness, swelling and oozing  cooled and drained; the skin eventually calmed down. But along the healing path, the rash patches changed from red to a more purplish coloring before eventually fading.

A co-worker remarked that it looked like bruises on my neck as if someone had tried to choke me. My food habits at that time were not that great either – plenty of mall food (refined sugars and empty starches/carbs) to go with the mall retail job.

Considering the personal situations at the time, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a karmic note to self to take care of an old issue.

The colloidal silver spray brand that I had used was this one.


Of course, there are also other forms of medicine involved in healing the throat, as mentioned in Throat Care.