To have an accent…or not.


How does a person define him/her self?

Their fashion sense?

The way they behave?

Their beliefs?

The way a person talks?

A Filipina acquaintance, a recently naturalized citizen, once remarked that her family/extended family back in Manila harassed her about her American English being mostly free from accent. She has been in America for less than a decade.

That confused me. Why would her family give her such a rough time about how good her language skills are? English is not the easiest language to learn, and she did it in her early 20’s. This acquaintance picks up on new slang quickly (and she can imitate her mother’s accent rather well too).

She was born and raised in the Philippines, had taken on certain cultural conventions and customs pertinent to where she was growing up. She is still fluidly using her birth language.

Does she have to have an accent to maintain her nationality?

Adaptation can be a positive life aspect. Right?