Leaf-ing it alone


Nature gets me back to myself. For the past couple of days, I have been writing, but I did NOT consciously use my human design inner authority to make some decisions. The mind is a magnificent computer with all this data and potential for add-ons in the form of learning. But for me, it’s not where satisfying decisions come from, as I mentioned in Consulting the oracle.

I’m not a type A person, blending well into a rush-rush society. Sometimes I go with the flow, but it is not my flow. Being type A when my inner authority is a very laid back type B (stomach/emotional authority – feel it out, time IS a friend) can cause complications.

I went to a local park the other day, hoping to find beauty and a sense of peace near the man-made water structures (I had been wanting to go for a short while, but my inner compass didn’t lead me there until that day).

Well…half-sies. The water cascades and streams flowed. The sounds were a soothing series of gurgles and swishes. But looking at my photos, (and back again at the water) the water was not clean. There was foam, which could be normal with the little waterfalls rushing into pools. Maybe. But the water gave off the distinct aura of something slimy, a bit dirty. A little voice said: but they’re pretty pictures, though.

Yes. But… So I erased them.

However, it was on my way out of the park, then turned around to face it again, when something else caught my eyes.




And again, more leaves, randomly, at one of my other stops on that same day.


IMAG3290 (1)

Thanks, mama nature. 🙂