How strange.

When one craves peace away from the norms of confinement, discord and perpetual stress, that, when escape is received in the form of a different set of four walls…the peace and calm, newly found, is considered somewhat boring.

Break the old indoctrination.

Let go of the complacency.

Or remake of the new residence, another cage.


Welcome to the new world, you don’t have to bring the old village in your mind with you.

But sometimes, people willingly choose to.

For the sake of preserving traditions and old ways

Mind numbingly so, at times.

But the children are smart enough

to ask “why do we do that?”

And in reply they are only told “because it is tradition. Remember and follow the traditions. Don’t be hollow bamboo”.


So the children grew up and learned

many new things (and new information about old traditions )

their own way.



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