Two weeks; 14 hours away


(memory review)

That’s a strange reaction from a parent.

Why would you get mad at me

for getting sick during our stay out of country?


First I was grateful for the Dramamine

during the trip over.

But halfway through the intended stay

Well, things happen.


It was not my intention

to spoil your fun plans.

You can still go do your city things.

Just leave me alone in the hotel room

to try to deal with my misery.


Stop crabbing and scowling.

Even the aunties (your friends) are more patient

and understanding than you.

How strange!

In fact, it was an auntie that took

me to see a doctor when the nausea came on.

(she and I were visiting, walking on the sidewalks).


Maybe what made me sick, I think,

was because of the stink

that I got a nose full of

(garbage and exhaust)  whenever

we stepped outside the hotel doors.

That horrid, ripe stench; just about everywhere.


Retrospect: the thought of

the fountain and pool

in the hotel lobby, with water sounds,

teeming with large goldfish

makes me smile.

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