Couture by Ms. R…and hearsay.


Former flight attendant takes on fashion world

Woman with a silver BMW

Special front parking with a reserved sign

Ms. R, she was the boss, seen and heard

…All this from a semi-industrial part of the ‘burbs.

There was the Thai woman that helped Ms. R at the office and at Ms. R’s home. She did
this and that and sewing too. There was a lot of fussing and drama…the Thai woman had
mentioned in passing one day, looking agitated.

“Wonderful construction!”

“You can find her line at these exclusive locations.”

The newspapers and fashion teachers would say. 

She catered to the upper echelon

who lived near a big lake

Meanwhile, in her front office with the rest of her closer staff, she talked
about her dates – finding Mr. Right (“no money, no honey”) – in lurid, trucker mouth detail…so I had  heard from many a person, some who cringed at the memories.

For a brief moment, I thought of Samantha and her girlfriends in the city. But Samantha is in a class of her own with her one-liners. Plus she wasn’t looking for Mr. Rich Right.

Ms. R, the fashion designer, scoffed at those who did the actual work for her; the ones who made her 2-D sketch come to 3-D life. The workers whom hand drafted the patterns and graded them to different sizes, those who did the construction, sewing and little details. Ms. R was shocked at the thought of anyone having to go to school for such things…so I was told by a supervisor and some other workers.

Although I can vouch for that one company meeting (we were all gathered in front of the kitchenette) where the boss, and a speaker for her, went on and on about how grateful the workers should be that she provided a little area to eat in, instead of turning it into more work space.

And with my own eyes I did see a neckline design familiar to me. It was on the local college runways earlier that year. Ms. R was usually invited to them – both the jury shows and the fashion shows. The students got their ideas from watching videos about what was trending for the season both in country and out of country.

And then came Desert Storm.

Less work orders.

Less workers.

We were told “go home and you’ll get a call when more orders come in”.




“You got to entice them (with money, gifts)”.

This I heard, word for word as a bystander once too often.

It was instruction from an older male relative to a younger male relative about getting a wife.

“Wife”, in this case, has unsavory implications of its own.

Knowing of the older person’s history and persona, this tactic he shares with his younger relative is known, currently, as “love bombing”.

It’s manipulation.

In advertising/consumer terms, the old “bait and switch”.

But do people really want to get enticed (into a relationship)?

What does it say about either party involved?