I spy a butterfly


And s/he saw me.

The wings, opened full, were the size of a business card.

The butterfly was sitting peacefully under a shaded part of the greenery.

I asked “may I take a picture?”


S/he held still, slowly opening and closing those colorful wings.

But I had to get closer still, as my camera phone couldn’t quite see clearly.

So slowly I crept, closing the 5 foot gap to something closer to 4 feet  or so.


But butterfly would  have none of that. S/he suddenly snapped those wings shut revealing the duller colors beneath, like a crisp salute. And s/he watched closely for a few seconds longer before taking off.

I could have sworn s/he stuck a proboscis at me while watching with pale green compound eyes before taking off in flight.

…running away fast, like a mischievous little child, laughing all the while.


These are cropped pictures from the originals.





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