New moon in the crab


Also, happy Independence day, U.S.A..!

Feels like a fresh, new slate type of day today. It would make sense though, as it is new moon day in Cancer. The air is slightly humid with an air of something quietly percolating away. Will there be rain? Maybe. The sky has plenty of cloud cover.

A little self care came in the form of hot mint tea and a yummy Japanese mugwort bun filled with sweetened adzuki beans filling. Soft, sweet food for comfort and food therapy.

tomogi anpan

Yomogi anpan


…Because I didn’t want to have one of these moments…


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The blank slate feel had me searching for direction. I knew the new moon is transiting my 11th house (friendships, groups, hopes, dreams). Off to I went for more info.

Was it accidental that I found out where the galactic center (transmitter of Divine Consciousness, release old traumas) in my chart was? It’s in my natal 4th house, naturally about nurturing and home (Cancerian).

Was it coincidental I was reminded where my natal Vesta was and what it meant?


I went looking for answers and uncovered more puzzle pieces to fit together.

The day is not over yet. I will find what I will find.