I’ll have one to go, please :-)


…Is what I’d said to the lady at the counter. It was difficult to make a choice.

IMAG3302 (2)


I like my treats kept on the non-sugar shock side and best enjoyed in small servings.

IMAG3303 (2)

If there were a place that sold healthier pastries and goodies nearby, I’d be going there more often. When I say ‘healthier’, I infer to use of non-gmo organic ingredients, alternative grains, non-grain (hello coconut flour) or heirloom wheat flours (Einkorn for example), sweeteners like dates (but not honey – honey loses its beneficial properties at high heat).

IMAG3304 (2)

IMAG3305 (2)

Look at that gorgeous color. The slice is light, fluffy and kept chilled.


IMAG3306 (2)

Hello, green tea mousse cake. ❤


There is a Korean bakery nearby. I just don’t seem to be as drawn to it. And then there’s always Chinatown – but that’s a bit of a drive.


…I’ve got a bit of writing about a bakery in the works. All the pieces are not there yet, plus considering the flow of the read.

As of late August 2016, I posted In the Pink; outside (part 1), a fictional bakery cafe. ^_^