Not sharing


Two little boys, both feathered and adorable

One, a cockatiel

the other, a little green cheeked  conure

both cuddlers,  loved to hang out on human mom’s shoulder

…She couldn’t even get them to stay on their own sides

they each get a shoulder, but that won’t do

“I want mom all to myself”

Much posturing and threatening of the other ensues

while on their human mom

until she  has to put one into his “room”

and switch again for the other one.

If there was a translator for all that screeching noise

and some whining or rough sounds too

It’s probably be salty worded fighting from a pair of

prettily plumaged birds.


The cockatiel, he whistled and sang

and was content to sit (alone) on his human mom

The conure was all about snuggling against the neck

or just being held so he was comfortable and warm.


Both were Taurus babies. Not sharing types. Possessive.

…Does anyone ever mention that Taurus types also has a smart alecky streak?