Cue the soap suds


Join me, if you want to, in this little sliver of a [possibly] typical bit of female life. Granted, it won’t have the edits of any reality tv, but that’s what out takes are for, right?

I present to you, the shortened cast.

The two main ladies are in their early 20’s, at least. They both come from middle class families, they are both middle children (although one has sisters; and the other, brothers).

They’re both the same astrological sun sign too. (But that shouldn’t matter so much; it’s like saying they both have green eyes and are brunettes).


Candi (short for Candice) She came from a relatively decent family background; middle class and has siblings. Candi also has her history of unhappy dating or sharing about her family woes with an extra flare.

Marie Her family background was semi-turbulent. She was a middle child, like Candi was; she preferred to keep situations sane. She was also the responsible one in her family, aside from her mother. Her father had passed on early.

Girl H was boy crazy and habitually twisted facts around to suit her. Her news updates usually were concerned with whomever she was seeing and what they were or were not doing.

Girl A was mostly polite, trusting and disliked confrontations, especially those that could lead to high drama and stress.


Candi to girl A: When are you going to tell her (girl H) about you and KM dating?

The question popped up every time girl A ran into or spent group hangout time with Candi.  KM had mentioned he didn’t even think of girl H in a romantic way.

Girl A to Candi: “I’ll tell her when I’m ready.”

Girl A dreaded telling girl H anything about boys. Boys were a weak spot with girl H. She tended to twist and exaggerate  what actually happened. (Certain facts were either figured out or confirmed later  and her dating woes tended to have a similar theme running through them). Girl H had developed a crush on KM, even though she specifically stated time and again what her type of guy was. And KM didn’t match any of those qualifications.

Candi to Girl A: Well you should tell her that you and KM are seeing each other.”

Girl A inwardly cringed and held back her temper and anxiety.  It was getting less and less enjoyable to even see Candi -even in passing.

Girl A: I’ll tell her when its time, when I feel it’s appropriate,” she restated.


Girl A mentions Candi’s persistent behavior one day as she and Marie were out shopping.

Marie looked briefly irritated. “Why does it matter to Candi? It’s between you and KM. And we both know how (girl H) is about guys.” Marie paused. “Isn’t she (girl H) also seeing someone?”

“She did mention something about plans for dress-up the other day; that whole schoolgirl look thing, for that guy.” Girl A replied.

“The one that’s sort of separated from his ex-girlfriend? Or ex-wife?”

Girl A shrugged. She’d lost track.

Girl H eventually finds out about Girl A’s dating KM.

“A little bird told me,” Girl H said, remaining oddly loyal to whomever the little bird was. She continued to repeat her surprise, shock, mildly hurt feelings and wishing the two well.

Girl A was alternating between being irritated, frustrated and in disbelief. So much for letting me tell her on my terms, she thought.


Later that night, girl A confronted Candi in a private message about the incident with Girl H. Candi did not apologize for telling girl H; she saw no reason to and gave the issue with girl A the silent treatment.

But on Candi’s social network status, it read: Sooooooo annoyed!!!