Keep an eye out


Hey, mister!

with the wrinkles, the crepe-y skin

with the paunch, the baseball cap covering your balding head

you’ve had decades of “living”

and it’s showing on your body

Keep your focus on your horseracing sheets

that you go into the library for.

Stop hitting on the young girls

12 is way too young

any pre-pubescent (or even, teen) girl is way too young

They’re minding their own business

Hanging out with their mom

at the local library.

Keep your hands off!

Good thing she told her mom

Good thing mom told a member of security

complaint filed: inappropriate touching of a minor.

And out he was escorted.


The security supervisor was a dad

to a little boy just old enough to run and explore

mom was at home taking care of him too

Maybe he wasn’t paying attention to the “banned patrons” list

when he was on duty.

Although it’s a short list – it’s even got photo ID’s.

One day, the girl saw that old guy again.

In the library

She pointed him out to her mom

Security was complained to.


And out the old guy went.


As for the security supervisor, he quit some time after all that.