“You’re teaching him to girl watch?” Disbelief was all over her face.

The father shrugged at auntie as he pushed the shopping cart slowly down the aisle. He leaned in to whisper to his little baby boy about the women shopping ahead and around them as they passed by.

Auntie exuded exasperation,  wondering what the mom had to say about this. Mom already had trust issues with dad, even though he helped her raise her daughter since early toddlerhood. But then, the pair had some history to clean up, in general.

Baby boy half looked at his dad and half looked around at everything with big, curious, yet watchful eyes.

The little girl, baby boy’s half sister, walked ahead to look at other things.

“Daddy, will you help me pick a tee shirt for school?”

The father helped his daughter look at the clothes as auntie stood nearby. She shook her head while absently glancing around at the girls’ department. He was good with his daughter, but certain issues just didn’t seem to register to him.

The father put the chosen girl’s glittery graphic tee shirt into the cart to buy.

Auntie fixed her gaze upon the little boy’s eyes and sent him a look, the one that mentally said: don’t believe everything your dad says (about women and girl watching).

Baby boy gave her a very faint, lopsided grin; the gleam from his eyes were akin to those of an adult rather than an infant.