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I write because…

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In 2012(?), I had decided to start a WordPress account for the purpose of furthering my then business (started in 2009, formulating a line mineral makeup from safe ingredients). It was meant not only to inform about what would be safe on the face, but also what inspired the color and how the process of making said products was accomplished.

The mineral makeup line fell by the wayside for many reasons. Or maybe it’s just in hibernation. I’ll just let it sleep for now. No use waking it up until it’s time.

In October/November of 2015, I was asked to be a co-writer for a starting up on-line magazine with a gal pal. The on-line magazine is on hiatus. The editor is working on other things at the moment.

Late May/ June 2016. I’d decided to dust off my old WordPress and redo/reorganize, etc. some things. Creativity needs an outlet. Since childhood, I’ve learned about sewing, taking home economics courses in school (hence leading to fashion design), created with 2D art all throughout my school years, and added writing onto my creativity list in high school. Of course, there was knitting and beadwork and jewelry making along the way.

So now (again) I write. It’s been a while. I don’t believe I’ll be on hiatus from this anytime soon. And as I write, I see my “voice” coming back. It’s not all there yet, and there will likely be stutters, but that’s part of the process.

I write because… it’s one of my creative expressions being put to use.

If you’ve just caught this blog post (thank you for reading) and you want to know a bit more about “Inspired by” (if you haven’t gone there already) –>This site is about…

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