Choosing *your* path(s)


“A good artist is a dead artist”

“Work…blood, sweat and tears. Suffering.”

“Never earn enough money…”

“Find something [that you’re good at]. Concentrate on ONE thing.”

Words of what it means to be a grownup from a grownup to a kid still in grade school. The job thing to make ends meet, being strictly practical and always with a paycheck to paycheck mentality. Maybe some of you can relate?

But when I pick up books like “Do what you love, the money will follow”, “What color is your parachute” and more recently, “This time I dance”, I know those words I heard from before were wrong; those words of extreme practicality and imposed-as-normal suffering were from an old way of thinking/being.

A little girl told me something amazing – amazing because it was simple and true. And of course, kids have their inherent wisdom not quite washed away by the expectations of adult and society.

At that time, she wasn’t even in second grade. We were talking about things we like to do.

She says to me, this little Miss: Why do one thing if you got lots you like?

Wise little girl from a challenging family history.

There is NO such thing as “too late”. “Too late” is when you’ve already passed on. (Or is it? I mean, there is such a thing as reincarnation. It’s been said you keep repeating the lessons until you learn them.)

ALSO, if you want to watch this…