Id? Ego? Ergo…


There are people with a healthy sense of self (or in the process of discovering what really IS them).

There are people who like to share useful information, DIY’s, wonderful ideas and visuals that (unexpectedly) inspire, or share…just because.

…and then, there are the Gaston or Mother Gothel types, of either gender; not that having beauty contests still up and running help either. I cringe about the child beauty pageants with the stage parents and all the more unpleasant things that go on. 

Too many overinflated egos
Looking for a boost
   Look at me!
   No. Look at *me*
But these people can't really
feed themselves where they
   need it the most.

I digress. momentarily...
The hungry ones that
   need soul nourishment;
Can they feed themselves?
Do they know how?
Or they chose the free will option
of: "I won't".

Looking a social network newsfeeds
I see some selfies,
   which are fine
And then I see photographs
obnoxiously, obviously
bragging about 
"Look at what's mine!"
like a selfish, spoiled kid.
   [that pic poster is at least 30, but acts 
    more like an entitled age 9]

You don't need constant show and tell
To know if you're doing well
You will feel it in your bodily systems
Egotistical boosts are short lived
   Like sugar spikes
      Better watch out for that drug of choice
      especially if you're pre-diabetic.

The best one can be
is compassionate ruler of yourself,
your own energies
No one can be you
   not even your twin or clone
S/he doesn't have your history
S/he doesn't have your vibes
They can try to imitate you
But if they can and do, it doesn't mean
   they're truly alive.

BE yourself.
   (thank you Linda Goodman)