Sense of smelling


I think my nose is broken

My sniffer doesn’t work right

I think it might have happened when I started

working at that place

A shop with candles, fragrances, body care items

and things like that.

I’m not talking about essential oils

I’m saying fragrance oils

Brewed up synthetically in labs and vats

from petroleum distillates

You could smell what was warming in the oil lamps

from many yards away.

The store used to light fragrance warmers

all through open mall hours; night and day

It was an indoor mall.


And then there were the garbage runs

that the stock people took care of.

…the damaged bottles still leaking all sorts of smells

both pleasant or not, but more often way too strong.

Watch out for the imitation food and flower scents

that bring out the insect attention.

The rolling bins got pushed into the area

where there were the trash compactors.

All in that wing of the indoor mall

these disposals they had to share

And most everyone working knew when

the fresh (raw) fish and buffet place had been there.


The behind the scenes of retail at a home fragrance and body care shop

One of many throughout the continent…and some across the pond.

Be kinder to your nose (and environment) and choose things made with essential oils instead.