Don’t be silly

Don’t be daft

Forgiving and forgetting

is not where its at.


Forgiving is fine

Cut yourself free

From invisible web lines.


Those puppet strings

that make you re-act

To someone else’s acts

Using you like a pinata

And they have the big bat.

Figuratively speaking.



That’s foolish.

I would not advise it.


I’m not saying

it’s ok to keep

old news, chronic suffering

that make you angry or weep


Take a pass on the servings

of poison coming your way

The nasty expressions

The sarcastic remarks

The outright insults

Sometimes, done as an art.


Forgettting as part of the

F and f saying

just means you have

to learn from scratch.

…a clean, mental white board

And that’s not where wisdom is at.


Forgive, yes

Amnesiac, no.


Revenge and grudges

One needs to let go.

For those things keep you tied

to others’ pain inside

and you will never be free

of the wide nets of abuse and insecurity.


…Guess who gets to be

the negativity port-o-potty?