Craving sweetness


In the spiritual circles of the mind-body connection, diabetes points to sweetness in life, per authors Louise Hay (Love Your Body), Deb Shapiro (Your Body Speaks Your Mind).

Too much love (smothering)?

Not enough love?

Dr. Deanna Minich states in her book (Chakra Foods for Optimum Health) craving sweets means craving joy in your life.

Person #1 found out early
from a visit to the emergency while still a child
   this would be type 1
   life long dependence on insulin
But this person watches their dietary needs
making them delicious and diabetic-friendly,
    is a HUGE fan of coconut-based anything
She’s got it pretty much covered
    including dutifully and lovingly
    attending to her bedridden mother.

Person #2 got it during adolescence
…type 2 diabetes…
There is a currently a caffeine addiction involved.
…regularly at the drive through java place
with the special green mermaid card
    sugar-free syrup please
    and some fake sugar too
monthly payments for pharmaceutical costs
    for insulin pills or shots
This one is a foodie, much like the first
But this person does like her pastries
makes delicious discoveries here and there.
    does NOT like coconut.

Person #3 has a family history
of being potentially diabetic – pre diabetic.
It’s the food habits, some reports believe
    that changes the body chemistry.
But person #3 hasn’t made many changes
Insists that nothing is wrong.
    Sedentary lifestyle, both at work and at home
The cortisol overload has bloated the midsection
And for as long as can be recalled
    at least five decades …or more…
       empty sweets and starchy junk food has been
       her mindless eating salvation.

“I want to be beautiful,” she says
and pats at her belly
    then proceeds to put more food into her mouth
    while her eyes are glued to the moving figures on the screen
       automatically chewing.

Only she can change her ways.

Denial and delusion lead nowhere safe.