Just looking


She had a boyfriend out of state

and her gaze does surely stray

It’s normal to look

to see and admire

“Oh, he’s hot”

“That other one has a nice butt”

Meanwhile, walking next to her

was a female friend who considered herself

more conservative in her views.

She wonders if her friend is happy

with the guy she has.

There were similar situations

when she was younger and smaller

while walking beside her father

And he’d said lecherous things

about the ladies.

Dad and mom are still married

But their cohabitating interactions

was rarely in kindness and harmony.

It’s normal to look,

one can’t be helped but notice

the golden ratio of ideal beauty expressed

in moving, 3D real life.

It’s subliminal,  it’s biological

Even little babies notice (this from a science-y experiment).

Science has determined the golden ratio as an indication of health and fertility.

That’s the 0.7 waist/hip ratio for the ladies

and 0.9 for the gents.

Plus there’s a download to match up a graph against faces.

But words are expressions of the mind made vocal.

Where the mind goes,

the energy usually does follow.

Where energy goes, either action or inter-action,

is commonplace.

Around the first girl’s neck

dangled a small, tasteful yet expensive

sparkling pendant.

She took pictures and shared it on her social network.

A gift from her boyfriend who resided out of state.

the current beau was not the first guy at a distance

They met on-line, and not via places similar to “tinder” or “match-dot-com”.