Switch it up


In therapy, there is a procedure called role playing or switching roles. This is to gain better understanding of the other.

Some couples are for going to therapy to work through the issues, for others it’s one-sided. And yet there is another response where therapy is pooh-poohed or refused for a variety of reasons, one of them being “we’re (insert nationality here), we don’t believe in that”.   (O.o)?

The way the Mr. talked, what he said

About the ladies passing by

on the sidewalks of downtown suburbia

As he walked his little children

(All under age 10)

To go buy some comic books to read

“She’s good for a night”

“And that one too”

(There were other remarks as well)

Meanwhile…Tucked into his wallet

a photo of his wife – their mother

the Mrs., in black and white

an attractive woman, smiling prettily,

he says he is loyal to.

As an old school good wife, she was raised to tend to home matters

cook, clean house, do laundry and other wifely things

have and raise the children

as well as take care of the in-laws and elders.

On top of having a 4pm to midnight shift job to help with the household income.

Decades come and go,

the Mr. has retired early, he’s just 62

Mrs. is the breadwinner – with that part, she’s quite happy

she’s been working the day shift for many years instead.

Guess who sulks about home maker duties?

(All that she did, minus the children having and care taking

and at that point, no elders or in-laws to tend to either)

She does taunt him, saying  he complains too much

and that when she had to take care of all that stuff

not a peep was heard from her.

The Mrs. knows her husband well enough

Mr. would rather be out girl watching or being a spendthrift

much like he did in his younger days

when he was the main breadwinner.

But Mrs. is the one with the full wallet, minding bills and such.

Mr. could go back to work and make his own pin money

But he pouts about the government taking its cut.