Sun/Lilith transit


Transiting sun conjunct natal Lilith.

Translated: patriarchy conflicting with the fiercely independent feminine aspect. Lilith, biblically, was the first wife of Adam. Here is a link with a different perspective on Lilith(s). – and yes, I was surprised to find there were three versions of Lilith.

I only have this sun/Lilith conjunct as a transit. As for those who have this as a natal aspect, kudos to you in your taking up this life long challenge.

For me, that transit manifested recently in the form of passing male bullies (ignorance, prejudice, harassment, racism)…

day 1 – very tall, husky build male with a shorter guy friend, from the general public bothering people in the building (both staff and visitors), mumbling comments and laughing loudly. These two were perhaps in their 40’s or 50’s, by physical appearance.

It was on day 2 that I found out they were making sexist comments about a female co-worker’s legs when she passed by in front of them. There were a lobby full of witnesses to the loud and obvious verbiage;  they were also seen craning their necks to look past the counter beyond the partition wall to try to have another look later that same day.

day 2 – two boys in their 20’s, driving a new-looking car with a loud exhaust system, making snide racist remarks.

side note: does it make me racist for knowing some choice words from watching my share of Japanese anime (baka!) or catching some less than polite French (merde)? Nope.

When I say racist, I mean it as something said/done in a derogatory manner regarding another race/culture other than the speaker’s. I’m neither Japanese nor French, but I can appreciate tasty food and some cultural aspects of either one.

Although, both of the interactions were on the peripheral vision and came as pairs. Trouble-mint pseudo-twins? The number two resonates with the moon, and the moon is about emotions. As for seeing them from the side, maybe it’s a message of semi-awareness of dominating patriarchal aspects?

On a positive note, there are books about spiritual growth for both males and females. For instance, Gary Zukav, writer of the Seat of the Soul books, himself was a former green beret. I think it ironic yet hopeful and illuminating that he went from having anger issues to a being writer of books on spiritual growth.

 If you’ve got a couple of minutes, would you like to have a peek at the video clip?

Also, more listening about the new male and the new female, relationships and spiritual growth.

I’m NOT sorry, old patriarchy. You need to clean up your act.

So…about those beauty contests.

>.> Really? <.<

No. I don’t want the male beauty contest versions either. That’s just more ploys to divide and conquer while we’re all distracted by jealousy and competition.

– – –

Etc. (May 29, 2018…another view or two of feminism).


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