Bakery stop


It was the day before the middle of my work week

I had driven off to somewhere to get something to eat.

My inner GPS led me  to a familiar place

I was happy to step into an air-conditioned space.

Dessert first, then regular food, I reminded myself.


Into the bakery, my feet did travel.

And I stared at the breads and slices of cake.

“I’ll have one of those,” I said.

But the clerk accidentally gave me two.


No big deal.

Small misunderstanding in communication.


I paid for both

and was happily on my way

Because I have a tasty treat;

One for tomorrow and one for today.


Strawberries for the TCM fire element

to feed heart-felt joy and laughter

and soft sweetness for the TCM earth element.

for comforting softness  (with a side of fresh tea)

It’s a win/win.

walking out, then about with

 A pair of strawberry shortcake cakes.

  Thank you, cute little bakery place. ❤