“Drowned” with tea


“Affogato”, Italian for “drowned”.

It’s a coffee-based dessert; a shot of fresh, hot espresso is poured over a scoop of (usually) vanilla gelato.

Perhaps you may have tried it?

A while ago, I was in a matcha phase (when it was colder out) and wanted to try drowning some gelato with matcha.  That was way before I ran into this article.

Last week, I got to try a sampling of classic affogato. A spoonful of deliciousness. The bitter espresso was smoothed out by creamy, melting, sweet gelato.

This week, I did the tea version. The coffee fan I was with tried it and liked it.

The place my friend and I went to didn’t have the tea version so I ordered a vanilla flavored black tea and a gelato, to be mixed at the table.

All in all, a delicious experiment.