Health Tidbits


Food as medicine.

I’m not big on following trends (just the facts, please). Yes, I’ll look into the “hottest” new food item, but doesn’t mean I’ll incorporate it into my dietary needs.

I’ll read ingredient labels, but counting calories or grams of something takes the joy out of eating.

So far, I’ve learned about:

metabolic types (Dr. William Wolcott),

also I learned a bit about food combining (Dr. Wayne Pickering)

hormones/body types (Dr. Eric Berg)

and have also incorporated Traditional Chinese medicine food therapy into my everyday life.

The more updated health info is about feeding your micro-biome.

Crockpot yogurt was a fun jump off to start the live culture foods. This progressed into kefir making with (eventually) live grains. I have made beet kvass and also lacto ferment veggies which mostly end up with family members.


About coconut oil and losing unhealthy/gaining healthy weight.


From: Coconut Oil Miracle by Dr. Bruce Fife, 5th edition.


If you want to know more about what coconut (meat/milk/oil) can do, here is a link.  There is also a newsletter you could sign up for.


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