Even without technology, there has consistently been people who thrive on gossip, causing stress, instigating deceptions for their own entertainment, etc..

Yes, patience is needed. No, it didn’t start with them. BUT…free will…to choose…for any sentient being. Thus, there are people who consciously chose to be negative.

It’s what is going on behind the picture phone

between photographs and photo bombs

the under the currents jealousy

and undermining hostility.

People watching they like to do

Make remarks, mostly rude

(true, pajama pants out in public aren’t always appropriate)

harsh snap judgements, snide remarking.

But what does shaming them en sotto voce do?


Though for the sake of fairness, I do contend

The public people purveyor learned well

possibly  from a parent.

Conceited. Unkind.

But wanting to shine like a newly minted dime.

But for those of you with a measure of kindness

Do pay close attention (if you choose to)

Don’t let yourself be fooled

by people with unkind intentions.

No matter how seemingly pleasant or attractive they are.

And especially, those perpetually pseudo-helpless

Until those who need waking up, at their own rate of course,

are clearer and kinder just for goodness’ sake.

Keep yourself calm and centered, grounded and clearly seeing

instead of possibly wandering into situations

like this: Bombshell in the chair.