In the Pink; outside (part 1)


I’m not aiming for political correctness or health trends in this writing exercise but more along the lines of synergy with nature, healing with foods, and feeding the local landscape.

It’s purely imaginative in some aspects, but very much a present tense situation in other ways.

And yes, I’d really like to see this in my local landscape.

In the Pink (as in, “in the pink of health”) is a bakery café in downtown suburbia somewhere.  There were lots to park in, the streets were only for driving on…except for the handful of 15 minutes or less parking for the grab and go customers outside the café. The sidewalks were wide, not the width of sidewalks in residential areas, but at least five times as that.

The exterior was a random palette of light beige, yellow and nearly white sandstone bricks with a bright blue awning over the long side of wide windows and the double doors. On warmer days, there would be a batch of little mango colored tables with anywhere from two to four chairs at each, parallel to the wide windows.

The double doors formed a wide foyer where one can enter in and order treats to go. The counter was along the right side and orders were placed closer inwards by the café side whereas pickup was closer to the outermost double doors.

There was a corner stand in the foyer on the left side by the outermost entrance. A large, spiral bound, full color binder of photos of treats sat on its stand, opened to a page of madeleines made from buttery kamut flour. A batch of business cards were propped up near the binder in a bright blue card holder.

A motley collection of small plants sat on triangular shelves in the other corner where the entrance to the cafe was. A golden pothos and an English Ivy were having a contest as to whom could touch the floor with their long stems first; the Ivy was on a shelf closer to the floor.

The foyer also acted as the barrier between the actual café and the outside, dampening the heat a bit (as well as the cold or wet), depending on the weather. The linoleum flooring that formed a mass of mini checkerboard layouts in cobalt and lemon yellow in the foyer had gone through many seasons of mud, wet and salt.

Part of the foyer had large windows, which continued on the inside of the cafe.  Some customers liked to sit by the indoor windows to people watch, listening as the little wind chimes rang when the innermost cafe doors opened and closed; sounding off chirpy little disjointed melodies as though played on a tiny xylophone.

~end part 1/In the Pink/Aug 2016

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Call for help


I cannot do anything to physically help,

Because this group text from another

Originated from out west by the coast.

The texter was on vacation with her honey

Somewhere with bright lights and flashy.

I remembered the panic, paralysis and confusion

Of receiving unwanted attention.

But I was at work and the phone was in the locker; that is another story.

She texted saying her sweetie was napping

and she went to get some soda.

And these three guys approached her.

One touched her…while they were all in line.

Off group, I asked if she knew how to protect herself

She texted back something about a swift kick somewhere

The others in the group text had their say as well

Call your boyfriend, they said

Keep him on the phone…

Get to your boyfriend…

No. Physical contact was the LAST resort, I texted.

The first was to be aware of who and what is around you.

Instead of having cell phone screen glasses on

…and keep a big distance between you and the other.

I even sent her a link for future reference

The Gift of Fear, a book by Gavin de Becker.

Silence on the other end for a short while

Then a group text saying she was

With her boyfriend

Along with a picture of two drinks.

In all objectivity, who would group text their gal pals first, who are hundreds of miles away, for physical help when boyfriend is asleep but in the vicinity?



Missed call


A voice mail is rare nowadays

A text after a missed call is a some times

This person would rather keep calling

At their leisure

At their insistence

When the person called is not

Available to answer.

I got a call the other day

And then a voice mail minutes later

It seems her phone wanted me to know

What the caller thought of me

Because on that three minutes long

Recording was just background noise

And people in conversation.

“She’s not answering?” I hear one ask

The “she” is referring to me

“Whatevz” is the dismissive reply

This is from someone I knew

And I have been witness to

*that* tone of voice too about others.

Because Ms. Whatevz has only

Gotten more snide and plastic

Since she now has a rich

and reliable boyfriend who spoils her

In examination of mine and

Ms. Whatevz’s history.

…girl story?

Truly, I am not sad. Nor am I mad.

The mild irritation is passing away.

Because the wisdom in this

Is I know how certain types

Of people like to “live” and “play”.

Left paw or right? Black, white or red? : Decoding the Lucky Cat


Lucky cats.

Lucky Cat - Maneki Neko

What does it mean when a beckoning cat has its right paw or its left paw raised? What do the different cat colors mean? What about the coin the Lucky Cat holds, or the bib?  The meanings can vary from region to region within Japan, and some meanings have changed over time, but here is a general summary:

Tri-color Cat: (modeled after the Japanese bob-tail breed, this is a popular & traditional color for lucky cats, beckoning general good luck, wealth, prosperity)
White Cat: purity, happiness
Black Cat: safety, wards off evil and stalkers
Golden Cat: wealth and prosperity
Red Cat: protection from evil & illness (especially illness in children)
Pink Cat (a more modern color): love, relationships and romance
Green Cat (also a modern color): educations/studies

Right Paw raised: invites money and good fortune (usually to businesses)
Left Paw raised: invites customers…

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Behind Glass


I was eating a late breakfast

At the kitchen table

When looking out the window

I saw something large, fluttering

Something black and

mostly fresh lemon yellow.

A tiger swallowtail I did see

At least eight feet away

Flitting among the tall phlox

Quite happily.

A sip here, a sip there…

Wish I’d had a camera

With a telephoto lens

But that equipment is not

In my repertoire.

So with fixated gaze, I took in the scene.

Then I saw butterfly flit

into another yard

between gray fence slats.

It was nice to see you around

And maybe I will see you again.

Code of Conduct

A library worker was passing by
Desks with tall partition shelves on the left
Cafe with tables and vending machines on the right.

And on the left was a visitor hunkered down
Hiding and eating food.
This was seen as the worker continued on her path.
She had seen him doing the same thing earlier that week.

Straight diagonal line across
Was a security guard looking down
Reading a text from likely 
his pregnant girlfriend 
in her first trimester.
   She tended to have ectopic pregnancies.

All this was within 20 feet
Of each other, 
Visitor and guard.
All the worker could do was make a quiet 
laugh of disbelief.

The guard was the only one.
Two floors to walk; an 8 hour shift.
This one person guard duty had
Been in effect for four years.
He had complained about not
Moving up though he's been there
For a decade at least.

The patron had frozen when he sensed someone passing by.
He looked to be at least in his late 20's.

The guard was not on break.
No hat, no badge, no gun
He was just a guy 
in a navy blue uniform
Given the job of protecting both
Staff and visitors
   Of upholding building rules
   And code of conduct.

But this was not the first time
He was distracted
Previously it was ex girlfriend and their little girl
The guard admits to not being in the present
By all the worries in his mind.

The worker knows of that habit
When she was one of the many he
would voice his problems at.
In fact, there were many on staff
He would voice his worries to.
Even a family member of the worker had 
mentioned that habit.
(not that it mattered, but the guard likely 
didn't know they were related).
This guard and his sharing his woes.

They were both in the men's bathroom.
And the guard kept going on about his misery
Even though the other guy had washed 
his hands and was long done.

The worker penciled a note and
Made way quickly to her supervisor.
The note only roughly said there was
A patron who should be informed about library rules. 
He had done the same thing once before, days ago.
The supervisor stated the guard on duty 
would be notified to politely let the patron know.

The worker bee could quote
Library rules about food, as 
She and her fellow workers had
Found garbage, empty wrappers 
and even fresh apple cores from others patrons before.
"Covered drinks at the desks,
But eating food only in the cafe please."

Costume shopping


A small group of girls went into the Halloween store, looking for costumes or ideas. Some loved the whole aspect of the season – the fresh produce available, the colors of the season, light shifting into darkness. Others liked Halloween just as a reason to dress up differently. Then there are those who are not too thrilled about the holiday for one reason or another.

The store was dim, aligned with the theme of darkness, haunting, and gore.  The lighting was deeply red-orange tinged and to keep with the ambience.Special effect sounds floated around, depending on which part of the store a person was at.  The cashier station was clearly lit, though.

Daniela watched at a distance as one of the girls eyed hosiery in the dark corner. The girl in the corner did not have a fondness for Halloween. It took some convincing to have her even consider dressing up in costume. 

She saw the masked employee sneak up and stand there, less than a yard away from the customer in the corner. But instead of calling out or some other action to get her friends attention, Daniela just stood back and watched. She wanted to see what would happen; the girl in the corner was usually sweetly tempered.

The girl in question spoke up, wanting to know if Daniela found anything. She paused to look over her shoulder. Her face froze as her eyes focused in the dimness on the zombie masked employee. Instead of screaming or running – or laughing, there was a different reaction. It was one of anger and wanting to be violent, seen quite obviously on her face.

The employee stood there as the customer slowly moved away, glare still fixated with  tensed body posture. She would run across other members of her group throughout the store. And it would take her a little bit to calm her adrenaline surge and anger spike down. The employee wisely would take a break – minus the mask.


“I almost punched him,” she said to Daniela as they all exited the store. “I thought it was you I was talking to.”

“I was behind you a few feet away. I saw him from the corner of my sneaking up on you.”

But it would bother the other girl for a while was that Daniela chose to do nothing but stand back and watch.