Clapping rhymes


The mentality of very young children

just old enough to be in kindergarten

curious minded, open to adventure

and all sorts of teachings from those bigger and older.

Two little girls, clapping hands together

rhyming words in a sing-song manner

One was taught the rhyming (Babysitter? Cousin? Sister?)

The other was just learning about how to speak the native language.

They giggled and laughed and played their games.

Until one day, the girl who was taught the clapping rhyme

told the new girl that they couldn’t play that game any more.

“why?” asked the new girl (for the game was fun and catchy)

“Because teacher said so,” the other replied, looking uncomfortable.

There were two teachers in the kindergarten classroom,

One was older, with sharp angry eyes and bitterness

The other was younger (and newer), with kind and lovely ones.

No more of that clapping game. It had gone on too long.

And although the little girls were innocent, it was time to stop that song

As for the words: It should not matter whose bosoms were bigger

But the bias came with naming races; unkind comparisons.

from young mouths,

of which the new girl was one of the races named

and little fingers pulling at their shirt fronts.

ignorance and fear – showing it’s ugliness

in the disguise of fun, in the impressionable younger generations.