Feng Shui Follies

Their first family home
New build, new subdivision
The land was mostly formerly
   Salt marsh and prairie land
Mosquito town even when
   All the houses were up.

The powder room was smack
   In the middle
Of the ground floor house plans.
Say goodbye to money
   With every tap of the flush handle
   With all the times the toilet was not covered up
Energetically flushing away
Things of grounding Earth element.
A few young kids
   Plus retired in-laws
Resided in that two income house
And although the king of that castle
Made good money at the factory
He complains about lack and loss of $$$.
Of course, it may have been 
Financially wiser
If that Mr didn't buy
A brand new car to go with
The brand new house.
   The Mrs didn't know
   And it was NOT a happy surprise.

Salt marsh homes are not ideal
It will take some decades
For the land to settle and clear
Be glad though the property
Was on higher ground
And no basement to likely drown.

Be grateful for they did not build like another up the main road
For most every spring melt
A lopsided puddle was there for cars to wade.

And the home that was there
But has been decades razed.
It always flooded before April or May.
Once a site to a homicide.
...hence, finally, being torn down.
Legally that plot of flood land
Should never had been sold.
Marshy lands and spring time melted snow
Had long since turned it
Into an energy cesspool.