He says to his children
to remember their nationality is best
(some words he carried down verbally
indoctrinated by previous generations)
because of all those inventions
that now have been integrated into human civilization
and the vast reaches of an old empire
glorifying in the power and influence.

He forgot the empire bubble
that happens in other lands
real life parables forgotten conveniently
Humans can be so corrupt and greedy
the bubble explodes, flops
withers, dries and dies
…so much for that expansion plan.

As for inventions, discoveries, explorations
everyone eventually benefits in that
from the richest families and noble types
down to common and poor folk
the making things fair via trickle effect.

His medicine by choice, is westernized
pills, shots, charts and such
…minus changes in lifestyle and diet…
his preferred way to tend to even mild illnesses.
He pooh-poohs on reading pulses, looking at tongues, reading faces
to know what needs harmonizing within the body
yet still drinks stinky (sometimes expensive) concoctions

He holds disdain for reading the terrain
of the land, homes and how to harmonize
even though it is an age-old science
from his own land.
It was desired by the upper class
and the nobles
used to protect and bring fortune.
One of his progeny has re-discovered it
His wife holds it with mild interest
but he has angry words and reactions
even for minor feng shui corrections.

Selective memory, I suppose
revelling in stories of treasure and gold
a multitude of concubines
and servants at royal disposal.
And obviously forgotten
were what would happen with other people
claimed by the ruling nation.

What empire has not expanded

Without the trade of enslaved people?