Costume shopping


A small group of girls went into the Halloween store, looking for costumes or ideas. Some loved the whole aspect of the season – the fresh produce available, the colors of the season, light shifting into darkness. Others liked Halloween just as a reason to dress up differently. Then there are those who are not too thrilled about the holiday for one reason or another.

The store was dim, aligned with the theme of darkness, haunting, and gore.  The lighting was deeply red-orange tinged and to keep with the ambience.Special effect sounds floated around, depending on which part of the store a person was at.  The cashier station was clearly lit, though.

Daniela watched at a distance as one of the girls eyed hosiery in the dark corner. The girl in the corner did not have a fondness for Halloween. It took some convincing to have her even consider dressing up in costume. 

She saw the masked employee sneak up and stand there, less than a yard away from the customer in the corner. But instead of calling out or some other action to get her friends attention, Daniela just stood back and watched. She wanted to see what would happen; the girl in the corner was usually sweetly tempered.

The girl in question spoke up, wanting to know if Daniela found anything. She paused to look over her shoulder. Her face froze as her eyes focused in the dimness on the zombie masked employee. Instead of screaming or running – or laughing, there was a different reaction. It was one of anger and wanting to be violent, seen quite obviously on her face.

The employee stood there as the customer slowly moved away, glare still fixated with  tensed body posture. She would run across other members of her group throughout the store. And it would take her a little bit to calm her adrenaline surge and anger spike down. The employee wisely would take a break – minus the mask.


“I almost punched him,” she said to Daniela as they all exited the store. “I thought it was you I was talking to.”

“I was behind you a few feet away. I saw him from the corner of my sneaking up on you.”

But it would bother the other girl for a while was that Daniela chose to do nothing but stand back and watch.