Code of Conduct

A library worker was passing by
Desks with tall partition shelves on the left
Cafe with tables and vending machines on the right.

And on the left was a visitor hunkered down
Hiding and eating food.
This was seen as the worker continued on her path.
She had seen him doing the same thing earlier that week.

Straight diagonal line across
Was a security guard looking down
Reading a text from likely 
his pregnant girlfriend 
in her first trimester.
   She tended to have ectopic pregnancies.

All this was within 20 feet
Of each other, 
Visitor and guard.
All the worker could do was make a quiet 
laugh of disbelief.

The guard was the only one.
Two floors to walk; an 8 hour shift.
This one person guard duty had
Been in effect for four years.
He had complained about not
Moving up though he's been there
For a decade at least.

The patron had frozen when he sensed someone passing by.
He looked to be at least in his late 20's.

The guard was not on break.
No hat, no badge, no gun
He was just a guy 
in a navy blue uniform
Given the job of protecting both
Staff and visitors
   Of upholding building rules
   And code of conduct.

But this was not the first time
He was distracted
Previously it was ex girlfriend and their little girl
The guard admits to not being in the present
By all the worries in his mind.

The worker knows of that habit
When she was one of the many he
would voice his problems at.
In fact, there were many on staff
He would voice his worries to.
Even a family member of the worker had 
mentioned that habit.
(not that it mattered, but the guard likely 
didn't know they were related).
This guard and his sharing his woes.

They were both in the men's bathroom.
And the guard kept going on about his misery
Even though the other guy had washed 
his hands and was long done.

The worker penciled a note and
Made way quickly to her supervisor.
The note only roughly said there was
A patron who should be informed about library rules. 
He had done the same thing once before, days ago.
The supervisor stated the guard on duty 
would be notified to politely let the patron know.

The worker bee could quote
Library rules about food, as 
She and her fellow workers had
Found garbage, empty wrappers 
and even fresh apple cores from others patrons before.
"Covered drinks at the desks,
But eating food only in the cafe please."