Call for help


I cannot do anything to physically help,

Because this group text from another

Originated from out west by the coast.

The texter was on vacation with her honey

Somewhere with bright lights and flashy.

I remembered the panic, paralysis and confusion

Of receiving unwanted attention.

But I was at work and the phone was in the locker; that is another story.

She texted saying her sweetie was napping

and she went to get some soda.

And these three guys approached her.

One touched her…while they were all in line.

Off group, I asked if she knew how to protect herself

She texted back something about a swift kick somewhere

The others in the group text had their say as well

Call your boyfriend, they said

Keep him on the phone…

Get to your boyfriend…

No. Physical contact was the LAST resort, I texted.

The first was to be aware of who and what is around you.

Instead of having cell phone screen glasses on

…and keep a big distance between you and the other.

I even sent her a link for future reference

The Gift of Fear, a book by Gavin de Becker.

Silence on the other end for a short while

Then a group text saying she was

With her boyfriend

Along with a picture of two drinks.

In all objectivity, who would group text their gal pals first, who are hundreds of miles away, for physical help when boyfriend is asleep but in the vicinity?