Missed call


A voice mail is rare nowadays

A text after a missed call is a some times

This person would rather keep calling

At their leisure

At their insistence

When the person called is not

Available to answer.

I got a call the other day

And then a voice mail minutes later

It seems her phone wanted me to know

What the caller thought of me

Because on that three minutes long

Recording was just background noise

And people in conversation.

“She’s not answering?” I hear one ask

The “she” is referring to me

“Whatevz” is the dismissive reply

This is from someone I knew

And I have been witness to

*that* tone of voice too about others.

Because Ms. Whatevz has only

Gotten more snide and plastic

Since she now has a rich

and reliable boyfriend who spoils her

In examination of mine and

Ms. Whatevz’s history.

…girl story?

Truly, I am not sad. Nor am I mad.

The mild irritation is passing away.

Because the wisdom in this

Is I know how certain types

Of people like to “live” and “play”.