In the Pink; outside (part 1)


I’m not aiming for political correctness or health trends in this writing exercise but more along the lines of synergy with nature, healing with foods, and feeding the local landscape.

It’s purely imaginative in some aspects, but very much a present tense situation in other ways.

And yes, I’d really like to see this in my local landscape.

In the Pink (as in, “in the pink of health”) is a bakery café in downtown suburbia somewhere.  There were lots to park in, the streets were only for driving on…except for the handful of 15 minutes or less parking for the grab and go customers outside the café. The sidewalks were wide, not the width of sidewalks in residential areas, but at least five times as that.

The exterior was a random palette of light beige, yellow and nearly white sandstone bricks with a bright blue awning over the long side of wide windows and the double doors. On warmer days, there would be a batch of little mango colored tables with anywhere from two to four chairs at each, parallel to the wide windows.

The double doors formed a wide foyer where one can enter in and order treats to go. The counter was along the right side and orders were placed closer inwards by the café side whereas pickup was closer to the outermost double doors.

There was a corner stand in the foyer on the left side by the outermost entrance. A large, spiral bound, full color binder of photos of treats sat on its stand, opened to a page of madeleines made from buttery kamut flour. A batch of business cards were propped up near the binder in a bright blue card holder.

A motley collection of small plants sat on triangular shelves in the other corner where the entrance to the cafe was. A golden pothos and an English Ivy were having a contest as to whom could touch the floor with their long stems first; the Ivy was on a shelf closer to the floor.

The foyer also acted as the barrier between the actual café and the outside, dampening the heat a bit (as well as the cold or wet), depending on the weather. The linoleum flooring that formed a mass of mini checkerboard layouts in cobalt and lemon yellow in the foyer had gone through many seasons of mud, wet and salt.

Part of the foyer had large windows, which continued on the inside of the cafe.  Some customers liked to sit by the indoor windows to people watch, listening as the little wind chimes rang when the innermost cafe doors opened and closed; sounding off chirpy little disjointed melodies as though played on a tiny xylophone.

~end part 1/In the Pink/Aug 2016

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