September breezes


Late summer is here

…or you could say early autumn

September weather is sometimes warm

And sometimes breezes a-blowing

My Taurus Saturn is still OK, no throat problems yet.

Taurus is content with warm liquids and warming food

Pumpkin pie, warmed, with a spoonful of coconut oil for the crust to absorb

Pumpkin cheesecake? Whipped cream on the side?

Is it the sweetness, the comforting softness or is it the spices I need?

…do I, should I, just mix a batch of pumpkin pie spices and sprinkle as needed?

*shrug* all is tasty with a cup of fresh hot herbal tisane

…tea is only with Camellia leaves…

My Gemini parts need attention more

…Arms, chest, lungs

A bright blue wind resistant jacket to wear outdoors

My lungs feel slightly congested every now and then,

Or a sniffly nose needs a tissue or two

…yellow is warning of infection, and green is an S.O.S.

But balanced easily for me with the lungs

Is a little tisane, ginger or mint

Have some turmeric or ginger in foods

…catfish curry, extra turmeric?

Juice glass servings of fizzy kombucha

And a steady intake of coconut macaroons – and quite frankly, coconut anything.

…plus minimizing the refined sweet…