PROBIOTICS: What the heck is that stuff anyway? And what’s the difference between KEFIR and YOGURT??


Eat (or drink) your medicine. 🙂


kefir-is-healthier-than-yogurtSo, Kelley, what the hell are you even TALKING to me about when you use the term PROBIOTICS?! Ok, so here it is, folks…KEFIR is a lot like yogurt, but at the same time its not.  Kefir is like an immortal whereas yogurt is like a human, yogurt is a LEFT-turning lactic acid form of good/beneficial bacteria, obviously that would make kefir a RIGHT-turning lactic acid, typically known as: L+ lactic acid, but what does this all even MEAN, you ask!! In very simple terms, yogurt has some very good, beneficial properties and it tastes quite yummy! However, yogurt lives in your system for about 24 hours, then dies…yup, that’s it, folks, that’s the shelf life of yogurt! Sure looks delicious, though, doesn’t it?? yogurt_berries

The deal with yogurt is this: bulgaricus probiotic AKA yogurt, contains a total of 65 to 70 percent left-turning lactic acid. Only the remainder is right-turning…

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