Celebrating Autumn- part 2 (inside)


The house described in this story is from imagination, minimal research was done (just enough googling to see what a colonial style is/are, the difference between a mansion versus a large home and a few other building details).

I had had logic step aside and let spirit lend a playful hand with the interior and the rest. And although I have only been in one *very* large house – the echoing kitchen was it’s mark in my memory if not much else.

If you want, check out the recipe links that go with the story. ūüôā

There were five children’s bedrooms upstairs, the master bedroom and three guest rooms. The master bedroom had it’s own bath while the children’s had both a powder room and a full bath. There was another full bath for the guest rooms.

The largest of the children’s room was turned into a playroom. It had a center stage view of whomever was driving up towards the house. One of the other rooms had been turned into an impromptu guest room that the part time nanny sometimes used.

A set of three ceramic jack o’ lanterns sat peeking out at the driveway from a tall table in the playroom. One glowed green, another glowed orange and the third glowed blue from the light sticks within. A picture of them had been taken from the outside and sent electronically to the vacationing family.

The hostess and her helpers claimed two of the guest bedrooms. The master bedroom and children’s rooms had their doors shut and privacy locked, with the exception of the play room.

The stairs leading up to the second floor were simple and sturdy with the under tone of quality workmanship, like the rest of the house. They were wide and flaring at the bottom where it connected with the wood floors of the foyer.

From entering into the foyer, the coat closet was on the left, then the wide opening to the formal living room. That room had it’s share of tea times with the family, taste test runs for new recipes, and impromptu meetings – usually dealing with food or decorations.

The steps were also on the left at a short distance away and gently curved to hug a wall. You could comfortably sit four to five adults side by side, depending on the step in question. Plain wooden handrail and balusters framed one side and a wall on the other.

Interspersed¬†under the¬†handrail along the flight of stairs were LED lights so the kids (and parents) could see where they were walking when it was dark and didn’t want to turn on the ornate overhead lights or the wall sconces.

The nook at the top of the stairs, with a partial view of the foyer, had a chaise lounge, a small coffee table and a chair-and-a-half meant for one sprawled person to read in with the lamp looking over the chair.

A glittery spider’s web was clinging to the floor lamp by the¬†chaise. A string of small leaf lights wound around the neck of the reading lamp.¬†A trio of footed hurricane candle holders with¬†leaves embossed on¬†them, sat on the coffee table,¬†waiting to be lit. Glowing on an end table by the large chair was a pink salt lamp.


Rock salt lamp photo courtesy of Pixabay.com

The modernized country style¬†kitchen was done primarily in soft white with warm wood accents. The walls were painted a¬†pale sunshine¬†gold. A light, peachy- pink colored¬†counter was wrapped around in an angular, backwards “C” shape, hugging parts of the kitchen walls.

The top¬†section of the¬†“C” connected with the range. The quartz counter top’s long side¬†had a¬†triple sink, the sink in the middle was the smallest.¬†Then¬†the counter¬†curved again to¬†form a kitchen bar with¬†the¬†end corners rounded off.

There was a window to the right of the stove and a yard of counter space on either side of the range. The dishwasher was situated to the left of the sink space with an underneath corner cabinet in the form of a rotating drawer a few feet to the left of it.  The sink area had a deep window ledge. Simple glass front cabinets were hung on the kitchen walls with interior lighting.

In the side yard facing deep window was a pot growing lushly of thyme on one side and tarragon on the other. Over by the kitchen table that was situated behind the kitchen bar, a flat, faceted crystal sun catcher hung in one of the windows. Overall, the kitchen area had a partial view of the back yard and a wider vista of the side yard and the raised gardens there. The herb garden was a welcome sight in the mornings. Tall sunflowers stood behind shorter herbs that had grown into bushes.

The majority of the food was either finishing up cooking or being kept warm and just needed dishing up. Sweet scents mingled with savory and spicy.

The hostess was peering down at her simmering black risotto and stirring idly as the squid ink broth was absorbed into the risotto. She had added bonito and kelp to the basic vegetable broth while it was cooking.

She was dressed up for the celebration with her eyes¬†smudged with shimmery¬†black; her lips were tinted a sheer¬†amethyst. The pirate hostess’ shoulder length hair was wild with random waves and ringlets, courtesy of overnight braids and curlers. A¬†wide length¬†of¬†purple colored¬†material covered her forehead. She wore over-the-knee¬†dark boots,¬†dark leggings, and a black gauze off the shoulder tunic with a hip length, semi-fitted purple brocade vest over it.

In another pot were mini black gnocchi cooking. She had opted to use a bit of wasabi to make sauce for the pasta and ginger-scallion seasonings for the risotto, instead of red pepper flakes for both. There was minced smoke salmon in its own wasabi hinted sauce to go with the gnocchi for individual taste, set off to the side.

The side door by the mudroom opened and closed as a familiar figure in indigo rushed in from the chilly October weather. She paused long enough to put away the coat and slouchy beanie in the mud room, then readjusted her springy, glittery antennas. Butterfly did a quick check in the mirror to see if her painted, glittery blue plum blossom was still on her forehead.

She exchanged her coat for a pair of small, iridescent blue butterfly wings over the black chenille sweater she wore; a bright blue thermal top was seen peeking from the hem. The glimmering blue scarf was kept on.

Blue butterfly exited right out of the room and took a stroll straight down the hallway, past the foyer, flicking on the frosted glass wall sconces there before she proceeded past the front door and a left turn into what she dubbed “the plant parlor”. She then made another left, ambling through the large dining room with the two buffet tables partly set up before finally arriving in the kitchen. Granted, she could have just followed the wood floored hallways instead, but she’d do that next time.

Butterfly inhaled deeply and appreciatively of the various smells of food cooking. There amongst the baking food was one of her contributions Рblueberry custard pie with her own twist Р gingersnap crust and a crumbled, crushed gingersnap streusel topping (the sweet crystallized ginger and vanilla bean speckled gelato was in the freezer).

“Robin Hood and his merry band get to break the light sticks,” the¬†pirate hostess called out to the butterfly.

“Fitting,” blue butterfly replied as she ambled towards the kitchen bar. She grabbed a sip from her still-warm concoction of golden coconut milk sweetened with raw honey and made richer with some butter, and carried the cup over to the stove to briefly watch the pirate hostess¬†with her two versions of black pearls cooking.

“I’m looking forward to trying those,” Butterfly commented.

“Me too.”

“Grandma used to cook squid, but the sauce was purplish.”

“I like calamari rings myself.”

“Maybe we can do something with cooked sea food some time.”

The two grinned and giggled like mischievous girls. Blue butterfly was an impromptu ideas person; pirate hostess was in part, an organizer.

As a group, they had a meal earlier to fuel up for all that needed to be done.

The cooked kelp had been sliced up and tossed into the crockpot cooking up the mixed mushroom congee. The congee was made from Forbidden rice, a black, antioxidant rich rice that cooked up purple. Some red lentils had been tossed into the mix as well.

As for the bonito shavings strained from broth making, they had been tossed in with minced smoked salmon, thin shreds of radicchio, and slivers of daikon for a salad with a simple herb dressing.

There had also been a cheese and fruit platter.


Butterfly took a deep sip of her drink before turning about face to mosey towards the dining area. Two tables, one swathed in yellow-orange for the sweets and the other in a deep red, for the savories, waited.

…End part 2…

¬©Inspired by…/Celebrating Autumn

Part 2/October 2016