He complains about money

Or at least when there is a lack of

But he doesn’t want to comprehend

That it’s his financial responsibility that needs more work

He can blame all his toddler children

The oldest only in second grade

That it’s their fault he has no money

He calls them foul names, says they’re parasites

And little confused, anxious faces look up at him, taking all this toxic information in.

Looking back as young adults, the children do concur

That their father’s money went flying into various places

The watered down drinks at the local strip club

The comics he took his little children to get

The brand new car he decided to get (an unpleasant surprise to his wife) just as they bought a new house…

So the recent problem was complaints about not enough to cover property tax.

Out of curiosity, research was done

Proof came onto the laptop screen; the monthly newsletter

Town mayor did not raise property taxes but used what funds they had for clean up and beautifying.

The choices are rather clear

Grow up with a liar, one can either

Fall for those same tricks in other faces/places

Or become a liar

Or be the lie detector.

…Gas lighting.