Femme, French for female or woman.

Ism, suffix pertaining to belief or attitude.

What are we fighting for today?

Camille Paglia said we’re in the third feminist wave.

She was in college during the 60’s

From the 60’s to the 90’s was the second wave

The time of bra burning and women’s lib.


The first wave was suffragettes,

when women still wore steel-boned (whale boned?) corsets

and layers of clothing that covered from chin to pavement

Goodness, dear, don’t show your ankle.

Whatever impression of you will the fine gentlemen get?


I ask again, what are we fighting for?

As there are frenemies from Carrie and her New York crew in the city

I ask because there are such things as toxic friends,

written about by more than one author.

Let’s not forget the cliques in the movies and real life – every store and office, etc. have them too.


I ask because two female musical artists sang catchy lyrics

About why the boy should ditch his girlfriend and go to another girl.

One sings about how she thinks he really belongs with her,

let him break it off before you make a move.

That’s just a matter of decency and class.

And yeah, the second singer may not like the girlfriend and thinks a new one would be better

It boggles mind why she would volunteer to be the new one.

When did boys become trophies???

Isn’t that how girls were (still?) treated?

I’ve seen both videos, one is catchy cute story of neighbors and the other video is aggressive.

And both songs came out in the early 2000’s.

We’re in the twenty first century!

How is this pro positive, wise, compassionate female solidarity?

Girls => women => aunties and moms

Who influence and raise little boys and girls.

To be fair, yang has a bit of yin

And yin has a bit of yang.

May as well embrace both yin and yang, because without them we would be incomplete humans…


Astrology note: Libra, sign of justice and fairness has just gone into an introspective mode in Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion today.