Fan Fiction


The Renaissance bard once said

All the world’s a stage

It would seem that fan made stories are part of that scene.

I have a pal who writes the occasional fan fic

in tribute to happy childhood cartoon memories

This pal face/palmed to many writings seen on the computer screen.

“That doesn’t make sense! They’re turtles and they don’t unzip as if being a turtle was a Halloween disguise to have sex.”

We both cringed.

She warned me about those who wrote fan fiction that dealt with kids (pedophile style).

I was beyond shocked.

I know a family member who’s been on convention panels more than twice

Do your research, make it believable

He shakes his head in frustration at the questions he answers from others intent on getting their way.

Both agree to to keep it real

Even if it’s just fiction.

I’ve read my share, got interested since late last year.

(Strong women are awesome; intelligent, compassionate men are a big plus too.)

Some are believable, some in bits and pieces

Some are just fun or sweet reads

Some are hard for my logical mind since its inconceivable

Creativity is a good aspect

But get the honest facts first.

Partner up this male with that female

Like daytime/prime time soaps with partner shuffling

even though research has shown they don’t get along in that way.

I’m not homophobic when I run across yaoi and yuri pieces

Even if it’s with normally hetero characters.

But a part of me asks where all this point of view comes from.

I have read some fans get rabidly angry and screechy

at fictional people and situations they don’t like

…that’s a psychoanalyst’s light reading.

Or people are ‘braver’ hidden anonymously behind a computer screen.

Luckily there are fans calmer and more rational, wanting to know the why’s etc first.

A good read to me

contains truth and accuracy in its synergy

(Or makes me laugh and giggle at the silliness and blatant parody)

Get to know the characters inside and out and the things they go through

Details, details to be clear up and fact check

That’s all a labor of love in itself

And like the animal birth process, don’t rush it.

I’m not against fans or fiction

Don’t we have enough in this world that’s fought over?

Divide and conquer is too easily done

When some people know how to toy with the others’ triggers.