This is my attempt at a fan-ish piece of fiction. There was a lot of research done on these Resident Evil/Biohazard game characters; timelines, profiles, etc..

Resident Evil/Biohazard game characters are property of Capcom.

The song referred to in this writing came out in August 2003; it peaked plays in November of that year.

Some fan made videos with that song were partial inspiration for this.

For some reason, I picture Ada being in the San Francisco area to relax. I couldn’t tell you why exactly. She can go anywhere for a break, but that’s where I picture her. It was after the fact that I realized it’s opposite DC at almost the same latitude when I had to recheck some information. Somehow apropos for the two.

The month of September in Washington DC was known to be rainy. Autumn was a welcomed cooling time after the heat and humidity of summer near a peninsula.

Early autumn of 2003.

Leon, age 26, had found himself sitting in a local tavern waiting for his to-go dinner when a song began to play.

He hadn’t bothered with his jacket when it started to drizzle, not caring about getting wet. His car was a short walk away and the drive to his apartment was not too long. He felt numb inside and wanted to be away from other people unless he had to be near them. For a time after he’d started working for the government, he had wanted to permanently escape this world. It was the reminder that a little girl had gone through the same hellish nightmare he did that made him stay. That was nearly five years ago.

Through the government grapevine, he had heard news of sightings of a certain woman. He took a bullet for her that September night; she took her own share of injuries to aid him.

He had known she was alive when he heard her familiar voice from the shadows above as he strove to escape the lab. She had thrown a rocket launcher down to him to defeat the mutant monstrosity with.

Why did she fake her death? Did she pass out from the blood loss? Ada had pleaded with him to leave without her, saying it was dangerous for him to be with her.

The lyrics triggered many memories of what had happened to him from and since Raccoon City. The music was moody.  A hundred days have made me older, the male singer began in a tense voice, since the last time I saw your pretty face.

Elsewhere, thousands of miles away near a warmer coastline and three hours’ time difference…

She was sitting inside a mostly empty café with her tea, detachedly people watching. The big pharmaceutical corporation was sinking. The government had started to take a good look at them and their actions. Pretty soon, their red and white logo would be as effective as a flipped open umbrella in a rainstorm.

She made a point of being somewhere with abundant sunshine and privacy on her off work times. The sun provided natural endorphins and the privacy allowed her a healing respite. A song had been playing, but what caught her attention were a specific set of lyrics.

Everything I know, and anywhere I go/
It gets hard but it won’t take away my love.
And when the last one falls, when it’s all said and done/It gets hard but it won’t take away my love.**

Ada sighed. Raccoon City, and her ultimate objective before that time. The peaceful, scenic little Missouri town didn’t deserve such a terrible fate.

John* had been kind and caring. Even if he was an assignment, she had found herself caring for him as well – but not in a romantic sense. She had held onto the picture of the two of them during the Raccoon City incident. It was researcher Annette Birkin that had told her, gloatingly, that he was infected and already turned.

Interacting with Leon though, that would shift something within the woman called Ada. Wesker already didn’t approve of her growing affection for him.

She smiled to herself. I don’t always play by his rules.

Leon lay in his bed, hands behind his head. The room was mostly dark except for the glow of street lights filtering in from the blinds. He stared at the ceiling deep in thought. The remaining song lyrics played in his mind as he slowly closed his eyes and allowed a faint smile to cross his face.

Autumn 2004 would find the pair crossing paths again.

– – – – – – – – – –  Muse —>

*John had written a final letter to Ada. She didn’t receive it as she wasn’t in Raccoon City at the time.

**(I wrote this part about Ada before I read the bits on her in There was a book that came out called Biohazard 4 kaitai shinsho; see under “Report about Ada”. Also, she has a tendency to turn on her employers, as noted in her various profiles).