Reality check, please?


The disturbing part of some fan fictions I scanned (couldn’t read it, got a sense of indigestion) was that the female character written in it wanted to play nurse/companion or be that only one who truly understood what was going on with the male protagonist.

There was also a fan social site that posed a question of how you would wake up a PTSD nightmare sufferer (who has had training and gone through many missions). Again, didn’t look at the answers because to me the question came across as the start of fan fantasy.

Granted, they are speaking/writing about fictional characters.


How does this translate into these fans’ reality?

How does this reflect on their mentality?

In reality, You don’t touch them when they’re having a nightmare. This little info bite was what a former coworker and Vietnam vet had said to his first wife. But, he had said to the bunch of us listening to him, she didn’t listen.

I knew someone who was an army wife and her then husband was stationed in the Middle East. I remember her saying how she heard the mortars in the background while they talked and it was very scary. I believe she mentioned he gets jumpy at loud noises when he came back.

A family member knows someone who is still on active duty in the military. He’s been in the services for over four decades. To this day, he cannot watch any movies about war. He cannot watch Forrest Gump because that has triggers too.

As for people who have gone through some sort of abuse or trauma, they have PTSD too. I just don’t understand how it’s a sexy little fantasy thing to watch someone suffer – even if they are fictional.

I do not speak of BDSM in this case, as BDSM is by mutual consent of the partners involved, along with safe words.