I didn’t think too much about papayas at one time. They weren’t my favorite fruit. But time, taste buds and information has changed my view on the large fruit.

First, the food bits.

Savory and sour seem to go well with papaya. When I was fighting off a virus in February, I had eaten a papaya with some (live culture) plain sauerkraut for a large snack or three within a day or two of each other. I didn’t expect it to taste good, but it did. It could have been my body craving it for healing purposes too, as all I was doing was upping the variety and quantity of live culture foods into my gut. At least 80% of your immune system is in the gut.

Since I was having veggie tamales for dinner tonight, I started off with the papaya, plus seeds, first. I got to thinking about the presentation of how cubes of red papaya would look and taste with thin rounds of jalapeno, minced fresh cilantro and a squeeze of lime. It’s not spring yet where I am and I’m already mentally in the tropics.


About the fruit

I didn’t know the seeds were edible (pepper-y flavor burst). I’ve heard they can be dried and ground up to be used in place of black pepper.

Hawaiian papayas are GE/genetically engineered, aka a biotech product.

Papayas are in the Clean 15 list.

YourProduceGuy on YouTube gives some info about how to pick, ripen and eat a papaya.



Some other tidbits.