How fresh is the ginger?


Three hands of ginger did I leave

In a produce baggie, loosely bound

One late summer (or was it autumn?) eve

With intent to make some live culture ferment.

Loosely inspired by Cooper Hawks’ Asian coleslaw flavors

But the days became weeks and weeks became months

For a couple of seasons I forgot about the three hands of zingy flavor

Until one early pre spring equinox March night

I went looking for some glassware and spices to start live culture fermenting again.

There in the basement, dim and chilly

With a window filtering in faint light every day

Three hands randomly sprouted (one through the plastic baggie)

They smelled lively, as ginger would

But there was a faint fragrant whisper of something flowery with it.

Maybe they’ll make it into the garden this year.

I’ve heard the leaves are edible too.