Standing pretty


A coworker that I knew once shared a story with me about old customs.

She herself was born in the land down under.

Her mother came from places of classical history,

where statues were carved in idealized physical beauty.

Perhaps you may have seen statues of Aphrodite?

She told me a story her mother had told her

But the coworker stipulated first that in her nationality, boys were highly preferred

I am too familiar with that biased point of view

That when men went looking for a wife (or maybe it was just to date?), not so long ago

The intended in question was dressed up and made up for the man’s eyes

There would be a meal upon the table for the man to taste to see if he liked her cooking skills

And if the potential suitor should like, she would pose prettily

and spin 180 for his viewing pleasure

before he made a decision.

This was all at her father’s abode.

I suppose this was another form of match making.

I’m not sure how accurate this is

but it was still in the 20th century then.

But at least the she in this poem is happy with her husband,

without that type of matchmaking

and it was mutual.